Faguo main
Faguo. Shoes - Apparel - Luggage - Accessories.
With more than 25 physical outlets across France and an established international presence, Faguo needed a technology solution that could connect its online and offline channels, enabling customers to check product availability in-store, reserve online, and try products in-store. In this case study, we will explore how Planet's (previously Proximis) Click and Collect (C&C) technology solution enabled Faguo to enhance the shopper experience, reduce its carbon footprint, and increase revenue for its stores.
Grand Hotel Don Gregorio main
The Grand Hotel Don Gregorio
There are not many hotels around the world that can boast having over 500 years of history encapsulated in its architecture. The Grand Hotel Don Gregorio prides itself on being a delightful example of taste and luxury. A reflection of the centuries that have already passed with a great selection of modern services and facilities. Planet (previously Protel) was brought in to integrate a modern technology stack into The Grand Hotel to ensure they remain technologically relevant for the next 500 years.

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Coconut Waikiki main
Coconut Waikiki and Shoreline Hotel
The award-winning family-friendly Coconut Waikiki Hotel has 3.5 stars and offers 81 rooms and suites. The Shoreline Hotel Waikiki has 3 stars and 135 rooms and suites. Discover how Planet PMS (previously protel Air) helped the hotels streamline their operations, establish professional rate management, and take control over driving their revenue.
Best Western Olde Maritime main
Best Western Olde Maritime
Best Western Olde Maritime, a historic seaside motel located in Warrnambool, Victoria faced a technical challenge of finding a flexible and efficient property management system to improve upon their existing system. While the existing software worked well, it had issues with double-bookings and integrating with external systems.
Les Terrasses Deze main
Hotel Les Terrasses d’Eze
Hotel Les Terrasses d’Eze, a 4-star hotel located in the picturesque hilltops of Côte d’Azur, faced a significant challenge. They needed to replace their ageing property management software and also enhance their customer service experiences while improving connectivity to online booking sites. The hotel was keen to invest in a product that would have longevity and connect with their existing systems, without requiring any additional updates.
Cole Buxton hero
Cole Buxton
Cole Buxton, a British luxury sportswear brand, prides itself on providing high-quality daily essentials to its customers. However, the brand faced a challenge in providing a seamless payment experience to its customers, affecting their overall shopping experience. With the launch of their flagship store in London's Soho in 2020, the brand needed a best-in-class payment solution that would not only be secure but also offer flexibility and convenience to their customers. Our team at Planet worked closely with Cole Buxton to provide a technical solution that exceeded their expectations.
Marriot hero
Marriott Hotels
Marriott is a world-renowned hospitality company operating in over 127 countries with 6,500 properties. However, back in 2016, their hotels in the DACH region were using standalone card machines instead of an integrated payment solution. This manual process was time-consuming and error-prone, leading Marriott to search for a better payment processing solution that would improve both their staff and guest experience. In this case study, we explore how our integrated payments solution solved Marriott's payment processing challenges and transformed their check-in and check-out process, increasing efficiency and security.
Champneys main
Champneys is a luxury hotel, health spa, and resort chain in the UK known for providing a five-star guest experience. Champneys needed a more comprehensive and secure payment processing solution to enhance the guest experience, reduce interaction with staff, and generate additional revenue opportunities. This case study explores how Planet helped Champneys meet its payment processing needs.
Gyll Joyful hero
Gyll (Joyful)
Gyll, a rapidly growing retailer of high-quality Italian leather goods located in the heart of Madrid's tourist district, was faced with the challenge of moderniding its payment process to accommodate its growing tourist customer base and stay competitive in the increasingly hi-tech retail business.