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Tech meets tradition: How Capas Seseña reduced international transaction costs by 2%

Capas Seseña is an iconic brand specialising in traditional Spanish capes. Over its century-long history, the Spanish brand has dressed celebrities from Rudolph Valentino and Picasso to Michael Jackson and Jeff Bezos – as well as Hillary Clinton and Carolina Herrera. For over 20 years, the brand has benefitted from Planet’s complete payment solution.


What differentiates Capas Seseña is the quality, tradition and history of their products. Their customers are searching for something specific and unique, that they can’t buy anywhere else. Many of their customers come from abroad, with around 40% coming from outside the EU. And they demand a premium in-store shopping experience. So, Capas Seseña needed an agile and complete solution, combining payments, multi-currency and Tax Free in a single device.


Over more than 20 years of partnership, Planet has provided an integral solution and support. Capas Seseña has benefitted from the latest payment technology – a solution that allows the shop to offer additional benefits to the product purchase. This includes a complete variety of payment methods, Tax Free services and the possibility for the customer to pay in their own currency through Planet's intelligent terminal.

Capas Seseña

Capas Seseña

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“Through Planet, we’ve incorporated the latest payment technology – a solution that allows us to offer additional benefits to the purchase of the product, including a complete variety of payment methods. We allow the customer to request the Tax Free service and, of course, to pay in their own currency through Planet's intelligent terminal. This allows the customer to guarantee the exchange rate at the time of payment, thus avoiding additional or hidden charges from their issuing bank in their country. All this, through an integral solution powered by Planet, with whom we have been working for more than 20 years.”

Marcos Seseña

Director, Capas Seseña


Through one device and one simplified journey, the intelligent terminal gives customers the choice of paying in their own currency and receiving a tax-free voucher in just a few seconds. This has greatly simplified shop operations, making life easier for both the customer and the staff in store. Through Planet’s "all in one" solution, Capas Seseña now offers their customers the widest choice of payment methods and payment in their local currency. The cost of international transactions can be expensive with other acquirers. But with a multi-currency solution, Planet offers a 1.75% rebate. This, together with the tax-free rebate, allows Capas Seseña to save around 2% on their cost per international transactions. Now Capas Seseña works with Planet to enhance international shoppers’ experience online, offering Pay by Link on its ecommerce website.

2% reduction

of international transaction costs

One streamlined journey

through streamlined shop operations

40% of customers

come from outside the EU. So they needed an agile and complete payment solution in a single device

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