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VAT Refund

Unlock frictionless Tax Free experiences

Streamline tax-free processes with automated refunds, comprehensive solutions, and expert support.

The world’s smartest brands trust Planet

Streamline VAT refunds

Automated refunds

Get fast and secure automated VAT refunds.

Comprehensive solutions

Tailor the Tax Free experience with stand-alone, integrated, and self-service solutions.

Expert support

Get the best out of Planet Tax Free shopping with experienced experts.

Boost Tax Free savings: automated refunds, comprehensive solutions, expert support

    Automate your refund process

    Quick and easy refunds 
    Refund provides an intuitive kiosk solution that makes the refund process quick and easy, reducing queue time at the point of departure. 
    Integrated with Planet 
    Refund is integrated with Planet’s back end and all customs authorities, meaning a seamless and stress-free experience for customers. 
    Worldwide availability 
    Refund is available at airports, departure points and city centres in countries where the tax-free process is fully digital, providing customers with fast and convenient refunds.


    I want to track my refund

    Streamline VAT refunds for your customers

    Automated refunds
    Get speedy, automated VAT refunds for your customers.
    Comprehensive solutions
    Choose from stand-alone, integrated, and self-service solutions to tailor the experience to your customers.
    Expert support
    Get the best out of Planet Tax Free shopping with our experienced team of experts.

    Automate Tax Free processes with self-service solutions

    Streamline retail
    Reduce queues and capture shopper details with self-service kiosks.
    Enhance departure points
    Reduce queue times and provide an intuitive, multilingual experience with self-service kiosks.
    Simplify tax-free process
    Automatically recognise eligibility and simplify shopper completion with self-service kiosks.

    Completely streamline hospitality and retail operations

    Seamless POS
    Works seamlessly with merchants' existing till systems, ensuring minimal disruption and convenience for staff.
    All payment options
    Provides merchants with a range of payment options, including Tax Free, currency conversion, and payments.
    Automated data capture
    Automatically adds item descriptions and transaction amounts to the Tax Free form, making it easier to capture valuable data.

    Reach international markets with localised pricing

    Reach global customers
    Reach customers around the world with localised pricing and payment methods.
    Increase conversion rates
    Convert more international browsers into customers with an intuitive checkout process.
    Provide customer choice
    Give customers the convenience of shopping and paying in the currency they know best – their own.

    Seamless integration with existing till systems for ultimate convenience in high volume stores.

    All-in-one system 
    Planet's integrated solution streamlines operations, reducing the need for multiple systems and manual calculations. 
    Fastest tax-free issue 
    Our API recognises the origin of the credit card, enabling the fastest Tax Free issue rate available at the point of sale. 
    Zero calculation errors 
    Our simple interface ensures accurate calculations for the highest Tax Free and DCC issue rate attainable.

    In-Person payments

    Unlock tax-free savings and fast, secure payments with one fully-integrated system.

    All-in-one system 
    Automatically connect to your till system, preventing costly double entry errors.
    PCI compliant 
    Keep your customers' credit card data safe and secure. 
    Fastest tax-free issue rate 
    Automatically detect shoppers' Tax Free eligibility and issue the forms quickly and accurately.

    Full end-to-end payments

    Streamline Tax Free processes

    Easy Tax Free processing

    Automate and simplify Tax Free form issuing from EPOS tills or PCs.

    Secure transactions

    Ensure secure Tax Free form issuing with Planet’s secure server.

    Optimised for POS

    Tailor the Tax Free experience for point of sale issuing or dedicated customer service areas.

    Catherine HearnsSales and Operations Manager, Johnstons of Elgin

    “We were delighted with the onsite support provided by Planet who comprehensively trained our staff and installed our card payment terminals. Their attention to detail and Retail expertise means our team are fully aware of how best to use our payments infrastructure to generate sales and maximise our revenue potential, particularly for Currency Conversion and VAT Refund services.”

    Catherine Hearns

    Sales & Operations Manager, Johnstons of Elgin

    Shop window, Ahlens city store

    Thanks to Planet's drive and innovation, we’ve doubled our Tax Free sales since 2017, allowing us to realise the potential of Tax Free shopping at Åhléns.

    Mattias Jacobsson

    Store Director, Åhléns City

    closeup of luxury sneaker from le coq sportif

    For us at Le Coq Sportif it’s vital to accept all the payment options and to process transactions rapidly. Planet’s all-in-one solution allows us to do that.

    Albert B.

    Retail Coordinator, Le Coq Sportif

    outside shot of window display at luxury store Hirmer

    As a family run business, it was extremely important for us to find a Retail payments partner with similar family values to ours. We found this with Planet.

    David Thomas

    Management Assistant, Hirmer

    An interior shot of Boodles Jewellers

    We've worked closely with the Planet team for several years to support our Tax Free shopping system. The level of customer service they provide is extremely high.

    Sophie Styles

    Manager, Boodles

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