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We're here to help businesses like yours build loyalty and drive revenue. Our connected commerce solutions seamlessly integrate channels to create smooth experiences for your customers.

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Improve in key areas

Make shoppers happy

Easy, fun shopping experiences bring customers back for more.

Earn from transactions

Generate extra revenue when customers spend.

Joined-up simplicity

We connect payment and retail systems. Seamlessly.

Get closer to customers

Get the data and insights you need to build loyalty.

Unify in-store and online

Payments, order management and data all in one secure place

Our retail products

    Totally integrated retail systems. Across every channel, and every customer touchpoint.

    Take your business online
    Build your very own e-commerce website, complete with payments processing, order handling and multiple delivery options.

    Receive payments, anywhere, anyhow
    Online or in-store. Cards. Wallets. Alternative or local payment methods. All offered automatically. Payment from Wallets like ApplePay, GooglePay, WeChat Pay and Alipay. APMs like Klarna. No problem.

    Omnichannel order management system
    Planet’s order management system manages unified stock in real time  and calculates the most cost-effective way to fulfil orders thanks to a powerful orchestration algorithm.


    Boost your sales

    Bring the best of online in-store

    Identify growth areas
    Consolidate your global payment data into one platform. Making it easy to identify sales trends, market gaps and growth opportunities.

    Data-driven decision making
    With every technology touchpoint connected to a central hub you’ll never have to guess again. Every decision you make will be backed by data.

    Smooth, secure contactless payments
    Acquiring, processing, currency conversion and VAT refunds all from a single payments partnership - and through one device.

    Digital payments
    An omnichannel payment solution that generates revenue and increases customer spend.


    Accept more payments

    Full VAT refunding service so you can give shoppers money back on purchases quickly and easily.

    All-in-one payment solution
    Digital VAT Refunds. We issue, validate, refund and assist to improve the Tax Free shopping experience you deliver to your customers.

    Multiple refund options
    We manage over 600 refund points across more than 30 countries and provide eight different refund methods.

    Instant in-store refunds
    No more waiting for forms to be export validated - with Planet software refund and deductions happen immediately, in-store.


    Streamline tax-free processes

    Get more value from every customer visit - online and instore.

    Sell items from any inventory
    Endless Aisle means your customers can view all of your inventories, all the time. So you sell more, more of the time.

    Adapted checkout
    Enable customers with mixed carts to check out with a single transaction - and make split payments.

    Build loyalty with a 360 customer view
    Get a complete picture of your customer from every channel they use. From purchase history to online behaviour and more.


    Effortless in-person payments

    Planet’s order management system makes certain you deliver the goods to every customer, every time.

    Order orchestration
    With our software, shoppers’ orders are carefully orchestrated - and then fulfilled in a way that works with your strategy, whether that’s from a store, a distribution center or an external supplier.

    Smart customer service
    Build the insight you need to equip your operations team to deliver.

    Stores that fulfil
    Planet’s Order Management System helps you to understand and optimize your in-store inventories - and create better customer experiences.


    Increase conversion rates

    Solving your Retail challenges

    Seamless shopping

    Planet gets rid of clunky, fragmented systems and disconnected moments.


    Our connected commerce platform joins up all your channels, in-store, online and digital to deliver a brilliant, consumer first shopping experience.

    Payments made quick and easy

    With Planet, your shoppers get to pay the way they want.


    Online or in-store . Cards. Wallets. Alternative or local payment methods. All offered automatically. Payment from Wallets like ApplePay, GooglePay, WeChat and AliPay.  APMs like Klarna. No problem.

    Build loyalty, grow revenue

    We help you deliver exceptional experiences to your customers, every time.


    Online and in-store Planet’s connected commerce platform makes browsing, choosing and paying smoother and more enjoyable for your customers. Good for them. Good for your business. 

    Make smart decisions

    Better connected systems mean better data.


    Joined up retail, payment and order management systems give you better data about your customers. So you can create shopping experiences that build loyalty, increase spend and drive growth.

    Putting you in control

    Our support and our systems make life easier for you. 


    That means you can focus on the important things - the big ideas that will drive your business forward.

    What is connected commerce?

    Eliminate wasted time and money with a unified shopping experience.

    Planet's platform connects in-store, online, and digital channels for a seamless, consumer-focused journey. Streamline systems, delight customers, and empower staff, all while boosting your revenue.

    Planet’s Payment Platform covers:

    • Secure, multi-device payments, revenue-boosting value-added services, and diverse payment solutions.
    • Unified customer view for deeper insights, easy online portal for report and settlement management.
    • Seamless integration with leading retail systems for a streamlined experience.
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    Why choose Planet?

    The technology you use shapes your business, your customers’ experience and your brand.

    Planet technology and software meets your needs. And your customers’.

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    Clear costs

    We don’t charge a set-up fee, just a one-off fee for each of our products. And because of our revenue generating products, higher transaction volumes don’t add costs. They make you money.

    Quick & easy

    Planet products integrate quickly and easily into your business. Whether you switch entirely or slot a standalone product into your existing ecosystem, we minimise disruption to your business, your people, and your shoppers.

    Global & local

    We are truly global. The Planet Payment Platform loves Amex, Mastercard, Visa, WeChat Pay, Alipay. Planet currency conversion products mean your customers can pay in a way that suits them. And because we have people right around the world, the help you need is right there.

    Compliant & secure

    Planet software and technology mean security and peace of mind for you and your guests. We offer point-to-point encryption and meet the highest PCI security standards.

    Le coq sportif logo

    "At Le Coq Sportif it’s vital to accept all the payment options and to process transactions rapidly. Planet’s all-in-one solution allows us to do that."

    Albert B.

    Spanish Retail Coordinator, Le Coq Sportif 

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    What our Customers say...

    Mattias Jacobsson, Store Director at Ahlens

    Planet has elevated the customer experience.
    From a fully integrated Tax Free Refund payments solution, to Planet’s value-added marketing and sales consultancy services.

    Mattias Jacobsson

    Store Director, Ahlens City


    Great training, delivered at the right time.
    The topics presented on the UK customer profile are essential for us to adopt the right sales strategies.

    Elsa Silva

    Omega Boutique

    Dennys Larrieu

    The term "Unified Commerce" seems absolutely essential to me, because it is digital and human at the same time. It is this aspect that seduced us in the project that we carried out with our partners and in particular with Planet.

    Dennys Larrieu

    CEO Jeff de Bruges

    Javier Fernandez Andrino, Chief international retail and luxury officer

    We partnered with Planet in 2017 to provide retail payments solution. Their marketing consultancy service was a key factor when choosing a new partner.

    Javier Fernández Andrino

    Chief International Retail & Luxury Officer, El Corte Inglés