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Planet combines the power of Payments, Software and Tax Free on a single retail platform to go beyond the ordinary customer experience.

The world's leading retail brands choose Planet for its unmatched expertise and flexibility.

Dolce & Gabbana
El Corte Inglés
Giorgio Armani

Make exceptional shopping experiences the norm

We amaze your customers

Keep them coming back for more

Customers' demands for choice and flexibility are limitless. Your operations should be the same. Rely on Planet for Tax Free, Order Management or Payments to provide online and in-person shopping experiences that not only meet customers expectations, but deliver as promised.

  • Make browsing, ordering, paying and returning goods easier for your customers
  • Empower customers to pay the way they want, so you can make payments quick and easy through a single scalable connection across any market
  • Deliver choice and convenience with a platform that puts shoppers in full control

We save you time and money

Maximise your efficiency

Get your staff to focus on higher-value tasks: the customer experience. Whether retailers use Planet modular or end-to-end for Tax Free, Payments and Order Management processes, they remove bottlenecks and time-consuming processes.

  • Reduce operating costs through single technology partnership with one contract
  • Enable staff to be more productive by removing friction from in-store processes
  • Simplify orders, reduce stock management overheads, payments, returns and refunds by bridging online and in-store channels

We help you generate more revenue

Unlock more spending everywhere

Planet allows shoppers to accomplish more and retailers to pursue growth through loyalty and revenue-generating technology.

  • Generate incremental revenue streams with our Tax Free and Currency Conversion services
  • Make every customer feel like a VIP with omnichannel services that puts them in full control, provides always-on availability and drives additional revenue
  • With Order Management: Never miss a sales opportunity thanks to endless aisle and clienteling
  • Make the store center of customer interactions and increase footfall, average basket size and conversion rate
Case studies

CABINN Copenhagen
For over 28 years, CABINN has represented innovation in the hospitality industry. Today, it’s one of the largest Danish-owned hotel chains, with over 4,300 rooms across 10 hotels – and counting. With interiors inspired by ships’ cabins, the hotels pair innovative design with functionality. CABINN allows its guests to stay in city-centre locations, without compromising on value for money.
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is an iconic geothermal spa destination in Iceland that has attracted visitors from around the world since its founding in 1992. Beyond its restorative waters, the Blue Lagoon offers Michelin-star dining, luxurious spa treatments, aspirational accommodations, and a unique line of skincare products. It is more than just a tourist attraction – it is a sanctuary that promises an incomparable experience.
Viadellerose brand image
Viadellerose is a fashion brand with its roots in Italian design. The brand stands out through their bold, colourful pieces and courageous attitude to design. The brand is well-established in Turkey with 14 stores, plus a growing presence across Europe. Now, as the brand expands in Europe, they needed a Tax Free solution that would provide the best experience and service for their customers.

Retail solutions

Unified commerce

Boost sales by using powerful technology to reconcile commerce with the latest in consumer buying behaviours.

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Planet OMS with full-stack payments is the unified partner for retailers. It provides local retail expertise to maximise operational efficiency.   

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Tax Free

Get fast and secure automated VAT refunds. Streamline tax-free processes with with Planet with expert support and automated refunds.

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Pay by link

Create secure payment links without a website or coding. A simple link that you send to your customers, they pay with ease and you receive your funds.

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Learn more about the fascinating world of retail technology in our blogs

Person checking in to a hotel
Yield management helps hotels optimise pricing and maximise revenue by adjusting rates based on demand and market conditions. This dynamic strategy ensures high occupancy and profitability by forecasting demand, utilising data-driven decisions, and leveraging factors like seasonal pricing, upselling, and competitor analysis. Yield management is essential for maintaining competitive advantage, improving resource allocation, and enhancing guest satisfaction.
  • Hospitality
person receiving payment with an integrated payment system
Integrated payments simplify transactions by embedding processing into the seller’s systems, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. This method supports multiple payment options, reduces errors, and improves security. Businesses benefit from streamlined operations and detailed analytics, while customers enjoy quicker checkouts and more payment choices, fostering a seamless and secure shopping environment.
  • Payments
Order orchestration
The Planet Order Manager (OMS) revolutionises retail efficiency with its Orchestrator Selector. This advanced algorithm dynamically assigns orders to the best warehouses, optimising stock and delivery strategies based on various criteria. By enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience, the OMS meets evolving demands, making it indispensable for modern retailers aiming to streamline their order management processes.
  • Retail

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