Pay by Link

Send a secure payment link without a website

Send secure payment links to customers and take payments without needing a website or terminal. With Pay by Link, your customers can easily pay on their preferred communication channel and don't have to worry about sharing sensitive card details with your staff.

Hundreds of customer-centric hotel and retail brands choose Planet’s Pay by Link for its ease, simplicity and security.


Why Planet for Pay by Link

Ease of use

Give your customers an easy way to pay

Pay by Link provides you with a flexible and straightforward payment option for your customers. You don't even need a website – simply share the link with your customers via email, SMS, or an invoice. 


Provide your staff and guests peace of mind when they pay

Instead of putting the pressure on staff to take payments over the phone, Pay by Link handles the sensitive data for you – reducing the risk of human error. All staff need to do is generate the link, send it to the customer, and they enter their details.

Plus, you can customise the Pay by Link page to fit your brand aesthetic. 51% of global shoppers consider a payment made on the company's site to be the safest online shopping experience. With a branded link, your customers enjoy a seamless, reassuring journey to payment. 


Give your customers the flexibility to pay their way

Wherever your customers are and however they want to pay, Pay by Link accommodates them. For 47% of global customers, being able to pay in their preferred currency online is very important. With Planet's Pay by Link, you can accept over 40 payment methods, even their preferred currency.

By ensuring this crucial stage in your customers' experience is quick and easy, you're set up for a positive interaction. So, you can drive revenue and save more time with streamlined booking and payment processes. 

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