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The cornerstone of managing orders for brands

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Increase conversion rates on every channel with Planet’s OMS

Constant innovation

During the COVID-19 lockdown, people could no longer go to shops. Planet brought out our Click & Collect and E-reservation solutions so people could shop, even during a lockdown. This is just one example of how we innovate with retailers in mind.

Real-time product availability

Customers hate it when they drive across town only to find their item is not there. With Planet you will have real-time availability enabling optimised inventory, yield and supply-chain management, ensuring customers get their items at the right time, place and at the best price.

Boost online and in-store traffic

Customers have gotten used to a high level of convenience when it comes to shopping. With Planet as your OMS provider, you can offer multiple fulfillment, delivery, payment, collection and return options. Oh, and don’t forget Tax-Free shopping and DCC.

All-in-one Administration, Management and Processing Capabilities

    Offer your shoppers a seamless journey to avoid any friction on every channel.

    Omnichannel services
    Offer a wide range of delivery services to customers. 
    Product promise
    Provide accurate product information every time.

    Delivery promise
    Offer real-time information about delivery & returns.

    Increase sales via your cart

    Automate your order processes and drive up revenue with efficient order processing assisted by our smart algorithm.

    Route orders based on your unified stock to the most cost-effective location, including Distribution Centers (DCs), Stores, 3PLs, and Drop Ship Vendors (DSVs), while allowing the splitting of orders to multiple locations.

    Orchestration Rules
    Tailor the system to your needs with a full scenario of customisable orchestration rules while having the capability to assign an order to a location at any time manually.

    Delayed Payment Capture
    Set delays on payment authorisations to ensure that stock is available before capture, i.e. before money is removed from the shopper’s account.

    Looking for ways to improve your in-store efficiency? Here are a few ways you can do it with Planet’s OMS.

    In-store fulfillment
    Provides the ideal experience for your sales staff in order to achieve order fulfilment with the perfect balance of speed and accuracy.

    Ship from store 
    Turns each of your retail stores into mini DCs, vastly improving stock availability and delivery times.

    In-Store pick-up
    Do what your competitors can’t – ensure a positive in-store customer experience. With In-store Pickup, you can ensure every time a customer enters your store, they get exactly what they came for.

    Equip your operational teams to manage any orders efficiently.

    Customer Service
    A dedicated back-office to manage all orders: advanced search engine, order details, order tracking, order modification, order refund.

    Order Management Workflow
    Track your orders at each step of hits lifecycle.

    Financial Orchestration
    Centralize your payments setup and receive multiple payment forms e.g. Cards, PayPal, Alipay and even cryptocurrency. Financial Orchestration makes it easy to expand into new markets and territories, all the while keeping payments secure and compliant

    Give your customers the best shopping experience possible. Vat refunds in 90 seconds, on average, and a Best Rate Guarantee on forex payments. Plus, you make money on exchange fees.

    Choose from a stand-alone system, a lightly-integrated one or a fully integrated solution. With Planet, your international shoppers can shop Tax-Free.

    Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
    DCC makes it possible for your customers to pay in their home currency and view the real-time value of their purchase, so there are no surprise fees. Planet is also a revenue-generating partner, so instead of you paying the bank, you earn money on exchange fees.

    Tax-Free click and collect
    Enhance the VAT refund experience in-store by integrating natively form issuing to instore pickup process.

    Find out more

    Getting closer to global retail customers with the Google global network

    Planet implements Google Cloud using managed services and Kubernetes to autoscale and achieve high availability for its global retail clients, enabling it to grow internationally.

    Learn More

    Fully Integrated Retail Payments Make a World of Difference

    Let’s be honest, no one likes paying for things. And you don't hear consumers talking about their “payments experience’’. Well, unless it fails. Shoppers have been spoiled by the experience of the last year or so. They want lightning-fast, safe payments. They don’t want to queue at the till. They want to just tap-and-go. You can’t risk the transaction ruining the experience with your brand.

    Our retail payments services include:

    • Fully integrated retail payments
    • Acquiring and processing
    • Gateway processing
    • Currency conversion and support
    • Connected in-person and online payments
    • Reduced in-store devices (one device does it all)
    Learn More

    Why choose Planet?

    Grow your business with our all-in-one solution

    Planet's OMS

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    High performance

    An omnichannel payments and shopping solution that helps you enhance the shopper experience and increase conversion rates.

    Take control

    Single online portal for easy reporting, reconciliations and settlement management.

    Maximum flexibility

    Integration with any store and eCommerce platform. We offer a bespoke solution – choose our complete offering or take a modular approach with only the services you need.

    Increase revenue

    Tax-Free and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) will delight your customers and open new revenue streams for your company.

    Hassle-free compliance

    PCI compliance in just a few days. PCI Proxy lowers costs and minimises your risk when handling sensitive data.

    Local support

    One trusted provider, a single point of contact available on the ground in your country. Fully unified onboarding.

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