Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

More choice, more clarity

Travel's easy, upfront costs aren't. Planet's Dynamic Currency Conversion helps your customers avoid surprises by giving them the choice to pay in their home currency when spending overseas.

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Payments, the customer’s way

Choice and transparency for your customers

Create clarity at the Point of Sale

90% of global shoppers prefer to pay in their own currency. With DCC from Planet customers choose from 135+ currencies. It’s optional, so the transaction is always on the customer’s terms.

Passive income

Peace of mind for you and your customers

Get peace of mind with our Best Rate Guarantee, ensuring better conversion rates than card issuers. But if the card issuer's rate was better on another transaction that day, we refund the difference up to 150%.

Attract new international shoppers online

Create a familiar payments experience for international customers

Seamlessly expand beyond borders and give customers a familiar payment experience. Accept and process payments 135+ currencies. No need for international entities or foreign currency accounts.

You’re in good hands

Get dedicated training and support from Planet

We offer comprehensive training from dedicated experts. In-store training helps staff better serve customers with DCC. We provide ongoing support with multi-language communication tools and e-learning. 

More payment solutions for your business

Accept in-person payments

Whether it’s at the till, table or on-the-go, Planet enables in-person commerce for Retail, Hospitality, Airlines and Parking.

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Card machine terminals

Empower your business with safe, compliant, and modern in-person payment solutions tailored to meet the needs of your unique business.

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Accept online payments

Our solutions cater to fast, effortless transactions, ensuring a smooth experience. With versatile payment acceptance and robust security features, we facilitate interactions in any setting.

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Security, compliance & Fraud

Enjoy the security advantages of a global market leader. Highly scalable infrastructure, dependable payment processing, and maximum availability.

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