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Run day-to-day hotel operations effortlessly

Protel Cloud PMS is the trusted provider that helps hotels manage reservations, billing, maintenance, reporting, analytics, and more.

Streamline operations, better the guest experience, and generate new revenue streams with a single, flexible partner for PMS.

Radisson Hotels
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Why leading hotels choose Protel Cloud PMS

Operational excellence

Manage day-to-day operations with ease

Traditional PMS’ can be complex and require hours of training. Protel Cloud PMS is user-friendly allowing your front desk staff to organize and execute check-in, check-out, billing, and housekeeping tasks. Even if your staff don’t have prior experience using a PMS, Protel Cloud PMS is intuitive and easy to adopt.

  • Save time with core operational processes at your fingertips
  • ​​​​​​​Quickly operate the PMS, regardless of technical expertise

Cloud-native technology

Equip staff to work securely from any location

Protel Cloud PMS is a cloud-native PMS by design, securing your most prized assets, while empowering staff with better and more convenient work experiences, as they can manage the PMS from anywhere.

  • Operate the PMS with agility and reliability (vs on-prem)
  • Improve cost efficiency with no need for upfront costs of hardware
  • Protect operations with advanced security by AWS

Protel Cloud PMS and full-stack payments

Cut the 8-12 hours time wasted on manual reconciliations

Hotels waste hours per week on the manual reconciliation of payments. Protel Cloud PMS unifies with full-stack payments seamlessly to replace these inefficiencies with one partner for better efficiency and profitability. On top of that, generate additional revenue streams through integrated currency services.

  • Save time and reduce errors by automating payment workflows
  • Work with one provider for PMS and Payments
  • Leverage reliable and credible payment partner for hospitality

Create seamless experiences

Make your guests the center of attention

Take the friction out of your guests' check-in and check-out experience. Offer a slick online booking  experience and payment process, personable check-in and check-out, and most of all, a comfortable, hassle-free stay. 

  • Integrate payments and personalise the guest experience with unrivalled payment methods (local, regional and global)
  • Securely take payments as staff do not handle sensitive card data


Connect multiple business-critical systems

With Protel Cloud PMS, you get a comprehensive ecosystem of integrations that sync with your PMS. With more than 1,100 integrations, hotels can continue to operate how they want, without compromising customisation. 

  • Sync your PMS with a range of integrations, ranging from Revenue analytics, Customer relationship analytics, BI, and more
  • Complement your tech stack
Case studies

Photo of a sofa from Plumbs in a living room.
As a fourth-generation family business with over 60 years of experience in soft furnishings, Plumbs are the UK’s industry leaders when it comes to sofa covers, reupholstery and curtains. Specialising in made-to-measure solutions, their range of bespoke products are each individually crafted in the UK, and provided via a unique in-home service that prioritises each customer's unique home and lifestyle to ensure comfort and style is woven into every detail.
Photo of a historic looking hotel
Hollybourne Developments
For over twenty years, Hollybourne Developments has run three hotels in Alton and Basingstoke. Each hotel has different audiences and purposes. From a secluded venue perfect for weddings, to a 63-room hotel catering to corporate guests, to a town hotel. Hollybourne Developments needed a Property Management System (PMS) with a Payment solution that could work for each of their unique locations.
Photo of the front of The Stellenbosch Hotel
Ma-Afrika Hotels
The Stellenbosch Hotel is a boutique-style hotel full of historic charm. Founded between 1692 and 1701 by Governor Simon van der Stel, the building was restored in 1987 and declared a National Monument. Now, it’s a top choice of accommodation for tourists and business travellers, offering modern amenities and a comfortable stay surrounded by heritage.

Hospitality solutions

Booking engine

Our booking engine gives you the edge that you need to stay ahead of the competition by offering potential guests an easy and efficient booking journey.

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High-speed internet, unlimited TV shows, and movies. Offer your guests state-of-the-art technology that can generate money for your hospitality business.

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Gift Card

Best-in-class gift card solution that helps hoteliers to protect and generate new revenue. From wood to digital, choose the style that best suits your hotel's needs.

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Protel Cloud PMS with full-stack Payments is the unified partner for your hotel. It provides local hospitality expertise to maximise operational efficiency.

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