Hotel Booking Engine

Spark direct relationships with hotel guests

Skip the middleman and allow your guests to enjoy a smoother and easier booking process when they book directly with you. Unlike third-party travel agencies, Planet's Booking Engine connects your hotel directly with the guest, putting you in control of the experience.

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Why Planet for direct hotel bookings?


Make a memorable first impression on your guests

Planet's Booking Engine makes it easy for guests to find and book the perfect and preferred room, right on your website. With a simple and intuitive user experience, your visiting guests are impressed even before they’ve met you in-person. 

  • Smart search: Enable guests to easily view the room rates and availability.

  • Real-time room availability: Guests see which rooms are still available, which rooms are popular and what other dates have availability for flexibility. 

  • Increase conversion by encouraging guests to save their booking and return later. 

  • Give confidence with automatic email confirmation.


Make the online booking experience authentic

Planet’s booking engine is highly customisable, so you can tailor it to your specific needs. Planet provides you with a choice of templates which allow you to connect with guests by maintaining brand identity and distinguishing yourself from 3rd party travel agencies. 


Win the trust of online guests

Planet’s Global Guest sentiment report found that there is a substantial level of distrust in the general security of websites, with 37% globally believing most are not safe from fraudsters. Planet’s booking engine puts your guests' mind at ease by using the latest security measures to protect your guests' personal information, especially payment information at booking. 

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"Since implementing the Booking Engine from Planet, we experienced a significant boost in direct bookings. We also reduced reliance on Online Travel Agencies by 50% and this shift saves us millions of NOK [Norwegian Krone] per year. By offering packaged deals through the Booking Engine, we also enhance our guests' experience. "

Ole Volden-Sandersen

Quality & Operations Manager, Frich’s Hotel Chain

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