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Planet combines the power of Payments, Software and Networking on a single platform to help hospitality brands deliver the best experiences.

The world's leading hospitality brands choose Planet for its unmatched expertise in hospitality, comprehensiveness and flexibility.

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Make exceptional experiences the norm

We amaze your customers

Keep them coming back for more

Increasingly, demanding guests want everything to be faster, easier, and more personalised. It’s not the exception, it’s the new norm. 1000’s of world-leading hospitality brands in 100+ countries trust Planet’s hospitality-specific technology to transform their operations and guest experiences.

  • Empower your staff to provide wonderful guest services with technology that connects seamlessly in the background
  • Instantly recognise your guests along every step of the journey
  • Enable guests to pay on their own terms – use their own currency and settle their bill using any payment method they prefer

We save you time and money

Integrate your systems

Siloed operations are costly, complex and inefficient. Planet enables better, more connected operations through a single technology partnership for hospitality software and payments.

  • Reduce operating costs through a single technology partnership with one contract and one point of contact
  • Connect your PMS to a full range of Planet solutions, full stack payments, Pay-By-Link, Web Booking Engine & Networking. Along with the largest marketplace of 3rd party software apps to manage your business more effectively

We help you generate more revenue

Unlock more spending everywhere

Hospitality brands turn to Planet to strategically maximise revenue from every customer interaction, seamlessly. Without Planet, brands risk further cost pressures.

  • Capture incremental revenue from your forex payments using our Dynamic Currency Conversion product
  • Generate incremental revenue from your eCommerce sales and present all of your prices in your customer’s home currency by using our Multi-Currency Pricing solution
Case studies

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is an iconic geothermal spa destination in Iceland that has attracted visitors from around the world since its founding in 1992. Beyond its restorative waters, the Blue Lagoon offers Michelin-star dining, luxurious spa treatments, aspirational accommodations, and a unique line of skincare products. It is more than just a tourist attraction – it is a sanctuary that promises an incomparable experience.
Viadellerose brand image
Viadellerose is a fashion brand with its roots in Italian design. The brand stands out through their bold, colourful pieces and courageous attitude to design. The brand is well-established in Turkey with 14 stores, plus a growing presence across Europe. Now, as the brand expands in Europe, they needed a Tax Free solution that would provide the best experience and service for their customers.
Coffee from a Freshground coffee machine
For over 40 years, Freshground has provided businesses across the UK with fresh, barista-style coffee. Freshground aims to inspire and engage corporate teams with high-quality coffee machines, water taps and premium coffee beans. Today, e-commerce plays a growing role in serving Freshground’s customer base. The team at Freshground knows how to deliver an exceptional coffee experience. So they needed an exceptional online payments experience too, ensuring a smooth journey for their customers from order to cup.

Hospitality solutions

Cloud PMS

A PMS that helps hotels maximise operational efficiency and elevate the guest experience – all through a single provider.  

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High-speed internet, TV shows and movies. Offer your guests state-of-the-art technology that generates money for you.

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Gift Card

Best-in-class gift card solution that helps hoteliers to protect and generate new revenue. Choose any style of gift card you like.

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Protel Cloud PMS with full-stack Payments is the unified partner for your hotel. Including DCC so you can generate income.

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A person using tap to pay
"Tap to Pay," the revolutionary contactless payment method, simplifies transactions using NFC technology for debit and credit cards, smartphones, and wearables. This method, widely adopted for its ease and speed, enhances security through Tokenization, encryption, and two-factor authentication. It is favoured globally, from retail to dining, offering a seamless checkout experience and promoting hygiene and customer satisfaction.
  • Payments
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
Person making a mobile payment
Optimising mobile checkout is crucial as e-commerce grows, with 62% of shoppers using mobiles for purchases. Effective mobile checkouts enhance user experience, incorporate diverse payment methods, and maintain security compliance to prevent cart abandonment. Simplifying payment integration through SDKs like Planet’s can provide a seamless, secure, and customisable checkout process, significantly improving conversion rates and user satisfaction.
  • Payments
Person making an in-person payment
In a digital age, brick-and-mortar businesses can enhance customer loyalty through an optimised in-person payment experience. This involves offering multiple payment options, ensuring transaction security, and promoting price transparency. By leveraging the latest payment technologies and value-added services, businesses can streamline checkouts and provide a memorable last touchpoint, fostering repeat customers and boosting satisfaction.
  • Payments

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