In-person payments

In-person payments for fast paced environments

Accept in-person payments easily, securely, and quickly with Planet – the flexible and globally available partner for payments and software.

Whether it’s at the till, table or on-the-go, Planet enables in-person commerce for Retail, Hospitality, Airlines and Parking.


In-person payments businesses can count on.

Retail point-of-sale

  • Mobile terminals 

  • Countertop  

  • Tills 

  • Standalone

Hospitality point-of-sale

  • Mobile terminals 

  • At the bar 

  • At reception 

  • At the table 

Transport & Mobility point-of sale

  • Unattended for parking 

  • Mobile point-of-sale 

  • Standalone 

Start taking in-person payments your way

Operational flexibility

Take in-person payments on your channel of choice

Every business operation is unique. Planet supports multiple payment channels for all types of use cases. Planet also works easily on a suite of Worldline, Ingenico, Veriphone and PAX point-of-sale systems. This way, merchants can operate how they want without disrupting business as usual.  

  • Integrate Planet for in-person payments into 100s of tills.

  • Increase mobility with terminals for indoor or outdoor operations. 

  • Serve customers faster with self-service payment solutions. 

  • Stylish user-friendly designs that make it easy for your staff or customers to use.

Amaze your customers

Allow your customers to pay how they want

Consumers expect merchants to provide in-person payment options to meet their preferences. Make a difference to the customer experience by providing choice and convenience. Even better, earn incremental revenue on foreign currencies through dynamic currency conversion services. 

  • All payment options accepted (debit, credit, Alipay, apple pay, google pay). 

  • Automatically detect international consumer with multi-currency pricing. 

  • Highly secure: (PCI compliant and Point-to-point encryption).


Take in-person payments, quickly and from anywhere in the world

Fast-paced environments need fast-paced payments. Planet’s gateway and acquiring gives merchants’ globally available and reliable infrastructure to process in-person transactions at scale and speed.   

  • 99.99% gateway uptime.

  • Transactions processed in seconds. 

  • Partner with global coverage to process 100+ currencies. 

  • Tap into a network of acquirers.  

Connected commerce

Consolidate payments and software for ease and efficiency

Most point-of-sales systems only take payments. Unlike the traditional approach, Planet seamlessly combines point-of-sales with tax-free, property management, or order management software to help harmonise operations, while saving time and money. This is connected commerce by Planet. 

Payment partner

A partner that supports you around the clock

In-person payments can be complicated. Planet lifts the heavy load with hands-on client support to get your operations up and running fast.  

  • Localised for multiple markets to accommodate local staffing needs.

  • Training (on-site and e-learning).

More payment solutions for your business

Accept online payments

Our solutions cater to fast, effortless transactions, ensuring a smooth experience for both businesses and their patrons. With versatile payment acceptance and robust security features, we facilitate seamless interactions in any setting. 

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Countertop terminals

Planet’s full-stack payments run on the most popular countertop payment terminals. Countertop terminals are ideal for retail or hospitality businesses looking to take in-person payments at fixed locations quickly, securely and conveniently.

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Mobile payment terminals

Planet gives retail and hospitality businesses the freedom to take payments everywhere – inside or outside - without compromising experience and security.

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Support 135+ currencies

Our integrated solutions sync with the industry's top POS, PMS, and unattended systems. Looking for versatility? Our standalone solutions shine across all industries, providing you with the ultimate flexibility.

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Case studies

CABINN Copenhagen
For over 28 years, CABINN has represented innovation in the hospitality industry. Today, it’s one of the largest Danish-owned hotel chains, with over 4,300 rooms across 10 hotels – and counting. With interiors inspired by ships’ cabins, the hotels pair innovative design with functionality. CABINN allows its guests to stay in city-centre locations, without compromising on value for money.
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is an iconic geothermal spa destination in Iceland that has attracted visitors from around the world since its founding in 1992. Beyond its restorative waters, the Blue Lagoon offers Michelin-star dining, luxurious spa treatments, aspirational accommodations, and a unique line of skincare products. It is more than just a tourist attraction – it is a sanctuary that promises an incomparable experience.
Viadellerose brand image
Viadellerose is a fashion brand with its roots in Italian design. The brand stands out through their bold, colourful pieces and courageous attitude to design. The brand is well-established in Turkey with 14 stores, plus a growing presence across Europe. Now, as the brand expands in Europe, they needed a Tax Free solution that would provide the best experience and service for their customers.

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