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How Hollybourne Developments streamlined operations by combining Protel Cloud PMS and Payments

For over twenty years, Hollybourne Developments has run three hotels in Alton and Basingstoke. Each hotel has different audiences and purposes. From a secluded venue perfect for weddings, to a 63-room hotel catering to corporate guests, to a town hotel. Hollybourne Developments needed a Property Management System (PMS) with a Payment solution that could work for each of their unique locations.


Hollybourne Developments wanted to streamline their PMS and Payments, while catering to each hotel’s different needs and capacities. The Operations and Accounts teams needed one system they could manage centrally to oversee the running of each hotel. Everything needed one home for easy, real-time access and management – from reservations to reception and the back office.


Planet worked with Hollybourne Developments to provide a flexible and straightforward PMS and Payments solution. Creating a smooth client journey was important for all three hotels, so card machine speed and online booking ease was key. Planet’s software optimised the PMS and Payments, giving customers and staff a user-friendly experience. Rather than waiting on legacy payments technology, using Planet’s solution staff could see live changes and payments on the platform. This improved their user experience in the day-to-day running of the hotels.

The Alton House Hotel

The Alton House Hotel


Combining the hotels’ PMS and Payments has been a key step for Hollybourne Developments. Planet’s solution and onboarding has allowed team members to learn the new system at their own pace. With Planet’s team on hand to answer questions, walk the team through demos and guide the team through the process, the staff at each hotel were supported through the transition. Plus, thanks to Planet’s on-hand, speedy support, the teams could start using the new systems at their own pace. The new solution has made operations easier for staff – and improved the customer experience.

On-hand support

with Planet's onboarding

More time freed up for staff

to focus on customers

User-friendly experience

for staff to see live payments

Headshot of Callum O'Driscoll

“For me, it has worked perfectly. We’re very happy. It’s freed up time for our staff to focus on other things, and saves time for our customers too. With the Portal, our staff see the live payments straight away, it’s a lot more user-friendly.”

Callum O'Driscoll

Operations Manager, Hollybourne Developments