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Viadellerose’s expansion into Europe with Planet’s Tax Free solution

Viadellerose is a fashion brand with its roots in Italian design. The brand stands out through their bold, colourful pieces and courageous attitude to design. The brand is well-established in Turkey with 14 stores, plus a growing presence across Europe. Now, as the brand expands in Europe, they needed a Tax Free solution that would provide the best experience and service for their customers.


Viadellerose wanted to expand their high quality service and Tax Free shopping opportunities to the wider market of non-EU customers in their flagship Amsterdam store. Having partnered with Planet for their Tax Free shopping offering in Turkey, Viadellerose wanted a smooth transition and support when implementing Tax Free in their Amsterdam store.


The Viadellerose team opted for Planet’s Tax on PAX all-in-one solution to meet their needs in Europe. Planet’s Tax on PAX integrates the Tax Free application with the payment terminal. This means a Tax Free form can be created in just a few steps, with the option to scan passports for a smoother customer experience. Planet’s Tax on PAX provides a fast and modern solution giving Viadellerose a simplified process for their customers shopping Tax Free in Europe.




For Viadellerose, Planet’s solution has meant they can introduce Tax Free shopping as a saving to their customers – and boost sales as a result. The efficient solution on modern terminals has meant they can attract and retain more customers looking to shop Tax Free, and adjust their strategy according to the nationality of their customers and their specific needs.


Tax Free and Payments solution

Just a few steps

to create a Tax Free form

Fast and modern

Tax Free solution

Viadellerose logo

“Planet has helped us gain more international customers in Turkey, and we’re happy with the solution from Planet as we expand into Europe. The level of customer support has meant we could implement the solution smoothly and quickly and we hope to see the same increase in clients returning to shop Tax Free, as we’ve seen in Turkey.”

Yasemin Üzer

Brand Manager, Viadellerose