Planet shopper portal: Tax Free shopping made easier

Last updated on February 26, 2024

When it comes to shopping, international customers have high expectations. 71% of global consumers prefer to use their mobile phone to shop. With the shift towards digitalisation, an innovative approach to Tax Free shopping is becoming ever more important for retailers.  

Plus, for 31% of global shoppers, unclear instructions to claim their VAT refund is their number one issue when shopping abroad. Consumers want to buy on their own terms. And they expect a seamless, straightforward process every time.   

The answer? 

Planet’s Shopper Portal makes Tax Free Shopping easy for your international customers – and your staff. Today’s consumers demand convenience and speed from their shopping experiences. Tax Free shopping should be no different. Planet Shopper Portal gives customers seamless Tax Free journeys in the palm of their hand. And it allows shoppers to add and save their card details for secure future refund processes. Read on to find out how.  

What is Shopper Portal? 

Planet Shopper Portal is a mobile app accessible to customers via a link. All they need to do is give shop staff a phone number or email address to receive it. Once on the platform, the customer has a clear journey to complete their Tax Free refund. With real-time updates, on-screen savings totals and access to Planet support. This digital process is straightforward and convenient for your customers.  


Why switch to Planet’s Shopper Portal?  

Shopper Portal is the next step in digital Tax Free refunds. Staff can easily onboard customers by capturing their email address or phone number. And as all the refund instructions are on the Portal, staff spend less time explaining the process to customers.  

Thanks to this simplified approach, retailers will see fewer complaints about the Tax Free process. This comes with reduced chargebacks and improved match rates thanks to the simplified process on the Shopper Portal.  

Luxury retail especially can’t ignore this. Tax Free shopping is an important incentive for tourists to shop in luxury stores to drive footfall and sales. Planet Shopper Portal can help luxury retailers keep up with ever-evolving demands. The Portal makes the refund process simple. Plus, frequent Tax Free shoppers can save their card details on the portal to make the next refund process even smoother. 

Have peace of mind knowing the Shopper Portal ensures your customers complete the Tax Free process and receive their refund. And they’ll have access to all the information they need on the Portal, including: 

  • Validation points and refund locations with opening hours and directions. 

  • Clear explanations of the Tax Free refund rules for every country.  

  • Planet’s Customer Support team’s contact details.  

The result? In-store teams spend less time explaining the process. This gives them more time to get through queues and better serve your customers. And with their reference number, customers can track the refund process on the Portal. This takes the customer experience from the lengthy, admin-heavy process to a streamlined, digital approach in a few taps.  

Planet Shopper Portal helps streamline Tax Free refunds for your international customers. And the platform makes your sales staff’s lives easier. Empower your customers to complete their refund from their personal device with Planet Shopper Portal.  

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