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CASE STUDIES • Coconut Waikiki and Shoreline Hotel

How two Hawaiian hotels increased revenue with the right PMS

The award-winning family-friendly Coconut Waikiki Hotel has 3.5 stars and offers 81 rooms and suites. The Shoreline Hotel Waikiki has 3 stars and 135 rooms and suites. Discover how Planet PMS (previously protel Air) helped the hotels streamline their operations, establish professional rate management, and take control over driving their revenue.


Coconut Waikiki and Shoreline Hotel encountered significant challenges with their outdated PMS. The system's minimal features and outdated interface restricted their ability to manage daily operations efficiently, while the limited reporting and analytics functionality hindered their ability to make informed business decisions. Additionally, the system's simple 1-way integrations severely restricted critical business processes, further complicating their operations. The absence of yielding functionality presented a significant obstacle to professional rate management, making it difficult to manage rates in a highly competitive market. Overall, the outdated PMS was a major hindrance to the Coconut Waikiki and Shoreline Hotel's ability to remain competitive in the hospitality industry.


To address these challenges, the hotels turned to Planet, a cloud-based PMS that offers sound yielding functionality, customizable digital reporting, and a great set of features. A single point of contact simplified the coordination, and the switch to a Planet PMS was fast, easy, and efficient.

Coconut Waikiki and Shoreline Hotel

Coconut Waikiki and Shoreline Hotel


Within only two weeks of implementing Planet's PMS, Alvida and her team were overwhelmed by the system's efficiency. The hotels' teams could now spend more valuable time with their guests and invest it in delighting visitors with their famous "aloha spirit." The cloud-based hotel software was easy to adopt, and the team loved how the system simplified their work. With the enriched yield management system, the hotels established professional rate management and took control over driving their revenue. The result was improved productivity, less frustration with software administration, and more time to focus on their guests. Overall, the implementation of Planet's PMS was a great success for Coconut Waikiki and Shoreline Hotel, enabling them to streamline their operations, establish professional rate management, and take control over driving their revenue.


efficiency and productivity with simplified systems


rate and yield management drove up revenue


time with guests and less time on admin

Coconut Waikiki Alvida Surpia Jones

"The decision to choose Planet as our PMS provider was an easy one. We were looking for a feature-rich PMS that also offered robust reporting.”

Alvida Surpia-Jones

General Manager, Coconut Waikiki Hotel