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How Frich’s in Norway centralised their tech-stack to provide a unified guest experience

Frich’s Management AS, which comprises of totally 17 units of hotels and restaurants in Norway, aimed to optimise operations, ensure high quality across the business, and improve coordination with suppliers and partners. Planet's unified approach, connecting payments, software, and networking on a single hospitality platform, enabled Frich's to achieve superior levels of guest service.


The hotel chain grappled with the use of outdated technology for managing bookings and the check-in processes. These outdated systems hindered efficiency, created communication gaps, and limited their ability to provide excellent guest service. As the business expanded with the acquisition of new hotels, the need for digitalisation was further accelerated. To secure future growth and optimise operations, Frich's desired a robust Property Management System (PMS) integrated with smart digital solutions, preferably from a single partner instead of multiple suppliers.


Planet provided solutions to all of Frich's technical problems and offered a comprehensive suite of solutions. Planet's PMS became the central hub for managing reservations and facilitating a seamless guest journey from booking to check-out. The PMS was fully integrated with a central Booking Engine on the Frich's group website. Planet also implemented TV and Wi-Fi solutions for some hotels and Task Manager for efficient cleaning and hotel maintenance. To manage guest's expectations of a smooth and fast check-in, a stand-alone kiosk from Planet's valued partner Arribatec was installed on Frich's Ekspress Åndalsnes for easy self service check-in. Also, payment solutions from Planet has been integrated to the PMS and booking engine, simplifying and streamlining the payment process, allowing guests to book and pay for any of Frich's hotels through a central website.

Frich's Hotel Chain

Frich's Hotel Chain

Ole Volden-Sandersen, Frich's Management AS

"Since implementing the Booking Engine from Planet, we experienced a significant boost in direct bookings. We also reduced reliance on Online Travel Agencies by 50% and this shift saves us millions of NOK per year. By offering packaged deals through the Booking Engine, we also enhance our guests' experience."

Ole Volden-Sandersen

Quality & Operations Manager, Frich’s Hotel Chain


By embracing Planet's cutting-edge technology, Frich's achieved remarkable results. The unified Hotsoft PMS provided a comprehensive view of the entire hotel business, enabling the management team to make data-driven decisions, optimise staffing levels, and enhance planning for high- and low-demand periods. The seamless integration between the booking system and payment solution facilitated effortless backloading of charges, improving accuracy and revenue collection. Furthermore, implementing Planet's Task Manager, TV, and Wi-Fi solutions elevated operational efficiency and guest satisfaction. Through Planet's Booking Engine, Frich's experienced a significant increase in direct bookings, reducing their reliance on online travel agencies by 50%. These accomplishments not only saved the hotel chain millions of Euros annually but also solidified their reputation as a forward-thinking and guest-centric brand. With Arribatec’s stand-alone kiosks, Frich's hotels can have fully unmanned receptions, offering 24/7 express check-in. But the kiosks also complement a staffed hotel reception, serving as a fast track check-in for guests. By partnering with Planet, Frich's Hotel Chain revolutionised its operations, delivered a streamlined guest journey and realised substantial business growth.

Increased revenue

by reducing their reliance on OTAs by 50%

Improved efficiency

Streamlined processes and increased guest satisfaction


decision making helped otimise staff levels and implement yield management

Ole Volden-Sandersen, Frich's Management AS

“To partner with Planet is smooth and seamless. I have seen significant improvements across various aspects of operations thanks to our corporation and the portfolio of integrated products offered by Planet. We are extremely satisfied with the support and by working with Planet I ensure we work with a future-proven partner who is at the forefront of new hotel technologies.”

Ole Volden-Sandersen

Quality & Operations Manager, Frich’s Hotel Chain

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