Hotell Nordic Sauna and Spa
Hotel Nordic
Hotel Nordic has transformed since 2017. From a small hotel with 13 rooms and a breakfast area, the hotel in central Norrköping has expanded to 62 rooms, with conference facilities, a restaurant, bar, an outdoor dining area and spa. Find out how Patrik Karlsson, the owner and Hotel Manager at Hotel Nordic, worked with Planet to transform operations and improve the guest experience.
Capes hanging in store from Capas Sesena | Planet case study
Capas Seseña
Capas Seseña is an iconic brand specialising in traditional Spanish capes. Over its century-long history, the Spanish brand has dressed celebrities from Rudolph Valentino and Picasso to Michael Jackson and Jeff Bezos – as well as Hillary Clinton and Carolina Herrera. For over 20 years, the brand has benefitted from Planet’s complete payment solution.
Ekman Hotels The Vault
Ekman Hotels
Ekman Hotels, a growing chain in Sweden, leverages the unique attributes of each property while enjoying the advantages of being part of a chain with unified systems. Founded by the veteran entrepreneur Patrik Ekman, the group kickstarted its journey with the acquisition of Stadshotellet in Kristinehamn in 2017. From the start, Hotsoft PMS has streamlined operations and enhanced the guest experience in eight hotels. Now, they are exploring Planet's payment solutions to further refine the guest journey.
Kultahippu Hotels hero
Kultahippu Hotels
Located far north of the Artic Circle in Finland, Kultahippu Hotels, is a popular destination for Asian tourist groups to experience the tranquility, the “Northern Lights” and the uniqueness of Lapland. The hotel has undergone a transformation, attracting a new group of guests and securing full bookings for the foreseeable future. The success can be attributed to targeted marketing strategies, a revamped hotel profile, renovations, and the implementation of Planet's integrated solutions; Planet's HotSoft PMS, Booking Engine, Gift Card Manager, Task Manager, TV/Networking and more.
Planet and El Corte Inglés opened a Tax Free Lounge service in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca
El Corte Inglés
El Corte Inglés is the biggest department store group in Europe and the third largest worldwide. International shoppers needed to get their Tax Free forms and refunds at their clients Service Desk. To deliver a specialised, personalised customer experience, Planet opened two Tax Refund Lounges on El Corte Inglés flagship stores in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.
Wood Hotel by Frichs Panorama view
Frichs Hotel Chain
Frich’s Management AS, which comprises of totally 17 units of hotels and restaurants in Norway, aimed to optimise operations, ensure high quality across the business, and improve coordination with suppliers and partners. Planet's unified approach, connecting payments, software, and networking on a single hospitality platform, enabled Frich's to achieve superior levels of guest service.
Radissson Istanbul
Next to the historical city walls of Istanbul and facing the sea of Marmara sits Radisson Istanbul Sultanahmet. With twenty-eight guest rooms, a traditional Turkish approach to hospitality, and a commitment to continual modernisation, this Radisson property offers guests a comfortable and authentic experience. Radisson Istanbul Sultanahmet worked with Planet (formerly Hoist) to bring guests the latest networking technologies including smart TVs and lightning-fast internet.
BK hero
King Foods Scandinavia
King Food chose to partner with Planet to provide the payment solutions to hundreds of Burger King restaurants in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
Faguo main
Faguo. Shoes - Apparel - Luggage - Accessories.
With more than 25 physical outlets across France and an established international presence, Faguo needed a technology solution that could connect its online and offline channels, enabling customers to check product availability in-store, reserve online, and try products in-store. In this case study, we will explore how Planet's (previously Proximis) Click and Collect (C&C) technology solution enabled Faguo to enhance the shopper experience, reduce its carbon footprint, and increase revenue for its stores.


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