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How Planet enabled Gyll to modernise its payment process and boost sales

Gyll, a rapidly growing retailer of high-quality Italian leather goods located in the heart of Madrid's tourist district, was faced with the challenge of moderniding its payment process to accommodate its growing tourist customer base and stay competitive in the increasingly hi-tech retail business.


Gyll faced the challenge of modernising its payment process to keep up with the increasingly hi-tech nature of successful selling, as well as accommodating its growing tourist customer base. The company was using manual tills and wanted to offer new payment methods such as digital wallets and multi-currency payments, as well as automated VAT refunds, to generate additional revenue. However, the traditional payment process involved multiple suppliers and was often fragmented, making it more susceptible to disruption.


To address these challenges, Gyll turned to Planet, which provided end-to-end digital solutions for the payment process, including accepting Chinese digital wallets such as WeChat Pay and Alipay. Planet also offered on-site training, local support, and cultural awareness programs to help Gyll staff deal with different cultural expectations and languages and work with hi-tech terminals that can take payment digitally in multiple currencies.

Gyll (Joyful)

Gyll (Joyful)


After implementing Planet's solution, Gyll saw an increase in footfall and conversion rates, generating additional revenue from automated VAT refunds and multi-currency payments. Gyll staff also received value-add training on international sales techniques, including cultural training, which helped them approach shoppers from different parts of the world more effectively. The support team provided by Planet was local and responsive, reassuring Gyll about the effects of recent sanctions against Russia on selling luxury goods. Overall, Gyll was impressed by Planet's different digital solutions and level of support, enabling the company to offer its customers a modern, slick experience and stay competitive in the increasingly hi-tech retail business.


Footfall and conversion rates after implementing end-to-end digital payment solutions.


Generated additional revenue from automated VAT refunds and multi-currency payments.


Staff received value-add training which helped them approach shoppers more effectively.

Gyll Joyful circle

“Planet is a business driver… and has a competitive vision of our business. We saw in Planet a holistic and technologically modern solution.”

Giorgio Yuan Lin

CEO and founder of Gyll, trades under the name of Joyful.

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