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Increase sales with a unified shopping cart

Customers have seen an average 20% increase in sales and a 15% boost in customer satisfaction after implementing a universal shopping cart solution.

The world’s smartest brands rely on Planet

Streamline the shopping process and increase revenue

Increase sales

Enable your customers to customise their experience by combining different delivery methods (home delivery, click & collect, e-reservation) in the same cart

Improve customer experience

Make it easy for customers to start their shopper experience on one channel (online or in-store) and finish it on any other channel all while benefiting from a unique and persistent cart.

Expand brand exposure globally

A universal shopping cart enables retailers to always say “yes” to their customers, wherever they are.

Provide a unique and mixed cart across all channels

    Create a cart and retrieve it on any channel, thanks to our industry-leading API

    Associate products with a customer
    Save the cart to the customer account and retrieve it on any channel.
    Share by email
    Save the cart and share it by email from an e-commerce website.
    Share by QR code
    Save and share the shopping cart using a QR code.

    Maximise your business’ sales potential by using proven marketing and upselling techniques

    Promote items with ease
    Optimize shopping carts to display the best available deals and discounts.
    Offer discount codes
    Attract new customers and reward repeat customers with discount codes.
    Enable upselling functionality
    Suggest complementary products based on customers existing cart items for a holistic shopping experience.

    All the tools you need to offer your customers the best possible online shopping experience

    Mixed cart
    Provide the ability to modify the delivery methods for individual items.
    Offer genuine convenience
    Create wishlists for later purchases.
    Collaborative shopping and gift ideas
    Share the cart with friends and family members.

    Gemo circle

    “The Unified Shopping Cart will harmonise the customer journey and consumers will be able to mix their purchasing methods. They can start shopping online and continue in-store. There will now be visibility of in-store stocks and the possibility of picking up items in 1 hour in-store.”

    Renaud Montin

    Head of Marketing, Digital, Data, and Innovation at Gémo

    Fully integrated retail payments make a world of difference

    Let’s be honest, no one likes paying for things. And you don't hear consumers talking about their “payments experience’’. Well, unless it fails.

    Shoppers have been spoiled by the experience of the last year or so. They want lightning-fast, safe payments. They don’t want to queue at the till. They want to just tap-and-go. You can’t risk the transaction ruining the experience with your brand.

    Our retail payments services include:

    • Fully integrated retail payments  
    • Acquiring and processing
    • Gateway processing
    • Currency conversion and support
    • Connected in-person and online payments
    • Reduced in-store devices (one device does it all)
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