Unified Commerce (formerly Proximis)

One connected platform managing every Retail tech touchpoint

Boost sales by using powerful technology to reconcile commerce with the latest in consumer buying behaviours.

70% of shoppers will reject a retailer following a bad shopping experience, whether online or in-store. After Covid-19, experts thought that consumers would become pure e-commerce shoppers, but recent data indicates that they became omnichannel shoppers instead.

What is Unified Commerce?

Unified commerce is a fully integrated suite of products providing a consistent shopping experience everywhere while leveraging all your omnichannel capabilities to increase your revenue.

It ensures that wherever and whenever your customers want something, they can get it.

unified commerce touchpoints unified commerce touchpoints

What else can Unified Commerce do for you?

Unified Shopping

  • Omnichannel services
  • Click & Collect, e-reservation, standard delivery, express delivery, omnichannel return
  • Shopper experience
  • Product promise
  • Delivery promise 
  • Mixed & persistent cart
  • Single checkout 


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Order Management System

  • Order orchestration and rules
  • Workflow mechanism
  • Store fulfilment 
  • Click & Collect workflow 
  • Ship from store workflow 
  • E-reservation workflow
  • Customer service
  • Order modification 
  • Order tracking
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Payment Capabilities


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What are the benefits of Planet's Unified Commerce?

Ensure customer satisfaction

Multiple fulfilment options, frictionless checkout and payment, and omnichannel returns provide your customers with the service they expect.

Increase revenue

Boost footfall, increase average basket value​ and optimise conversion rates in-store​ and online.

Optimise daily operations

Make daily operations easier with efficient tools for your stores and inventories​.

Ensure project success

Leverage strong know-how of a single and very knowledgeable partner for​ omnichannel orders and payments, available 24/7 and in your local language.

Reduce cost and time to market

Quickly turn around your infrastructure and streamline IT maintenance with integrated software and hardware​.

What makes Planet’s Unified Commerce better?

Simply put, there is just less hassle.

Everything is joined up, and all the systems talk to each other. So every single one of the systems is now just one centrally managed system.

Unified Commerce Platform Unified Commerce Platform

What does Planet’s Unified Commerce include?

When integrating our Unified Commerce Platform, we ensure fast to market integrations.

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Payment capabilities

A range of payment methods:
- Online payment gateway
- In-person payment gateway
- Pay by link
- Direct acquiring

Value added services

Additional revenue generator services:
- Tax-Free
- Currency conversion
- Business intelligence

Experience accelerators

Ready to use business accelerators:
- eCommerce website
- Click & Collect widget
- In-person checkout

Tangible benefits

All in-one and integrated capabilities:
- Customer satisfaction
- Increase Revenue
- Optimise daily operations
- Reduce cost and time to market

What does the shopper journey look like?


Customers can easily find items and can personalise them by choosing the colour, quantity, and size that best suits them.


One unified shopping cart for customers across all websites, social media and even in-store.


Customers checkout from their unified cart once, using their preferred payment method.


Ship items from any of your locations to any address thanks to connected order management driven by a unified inventory.


Customers can return orders via any channel with frictionless refunds.

What does Planet's Unified Commerce offer me as a retailer?

    Activate these omnichannel services as and when needed.

    Click & Collect
    Shoppers can place orders online and choose where to collect them from.

    Reduce stockout risk with safety inventory, fulfilment delays and calendars.

    Choose from multiple delivery methods and sipping venues to optimise delivery efficiency and reduce transportation costs.

    Planet’s returns feature makes it possible for you to offer credit or refunds both in-store and online. All automatically generated via the Planet gateway.

    Offer your customers an optimised journey on all channels thanks to our APIs.

    Offer shoppers a great pre-purchase experience with detailed product images and their choice of sizes, coulous and availability.

    Every modern check out convience at your shoppers fingertime. Delivery promises, promotions and a variety of payment options.

    Post Purchase
    Comprehensive orders and returns data to optimise sales opportunities by using personalised experiences.

    Shopper Notifications
    Complete shopper notification system built-in so they your customers can be contacted via their preferred method.

    Automate order management according to your needs.

    Here is a real-time example of how Order Orchestration works:

    • A customer orders two items via your online store
    • One of the items is no longer available in the warehouse but is available in-store
    • Order Orchestration identifies which store has stock and is ideally located for delivery

    Order Import
    Import data via CSV or API. Flag services and channels to easily optimise order orchestration.

    Order Splitting
    Split orders in the way that makes the most sense to your business.

    Deliver from where you want to, in the most cost-effective way, to where your customers are.

    Equip your operational teams.

    Manage orders with a central database that collects all the essential data about your customers. E.g. Order status returns status, cancellations and delivery address updates.

    With Planet, your teams are empowered to assist customers, in real-time, from anywhere.

    Follow the real-time performance of your omnichannel retail business. Leverage your data to improve staff performance, track KPIs and optimize your logistics.

    Access Control
    Planets access control helps to prevent your employees and your business from issues such as data loss, theft, breach of privacy and data protection laws.

    Track Business KPI’s
    Track revenue and orders from all channels, extract high-quality KPIs and ensure the continuous advancement and improvement of your retail business.

    Optimize your Logistics
    Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the fastest delivery service for your customers at the lowest cost for your business.

    Boost sales by using powerful technology to reconcile commerce with the latest in consumer buying behaviours.

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    What you need to know


      Unified Commerce integrates all customer-facing and backend systems via a centralized platform. So that your entire operation is one ecosystem that can adapt and scale as customer expectations change.


      Unified commerce connects your backend systems (CRM) with your customer-facing channels via a single unified commerce platform to provide a seamless customer experience.

      The benefits of a unified commerce strategy extend to both the retailer and the customer.

      For the customer, this means a fantastic user experience. Everything is available to them when they want, they can pay however they want to, and they can get it all delivered precisely where they want it.


      For the retailer, unified commerce consolidates all your channels, payment systems, products, and customer interaction data to deliver a totally integrated, measurable, and easy-to-manage experience.


      Management has more control, sales staff have more opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, and you can see exactly what is happening from wherever you are.


      With Planet's Unified Commerce, you can:


      • Increase conversion rates on all channels by having more products available and by providing the best delivery service for the shopper.
      • Increase store footfall. The eCommerce website brings shoppers to the store thanks to displaying product availability in-store and click & collect service.
      • Increase of stock rotation. Helping to have fewer unsold items at the end of the season.


      By consolidating all your payment systems and data across every channel, whether it's in-store, online, or in-app, you can better identify your customers, understand their needs, and facilitate seamless cross-channel customer experiences.


      • Flexible customer payment options for multichannel and omnichannel retail strategies
      • Personalization and customer satisfaction
      • Works on all devices for maximum customer engagement
      • Streamline customer data and use it to drive decision making
      • Precise customer targeting for a more enjoyable and seamless shopping experience
      • Optimize staff efficiency with less time-consuming and complicated procedures
      • Enables customer-centric sales strategies to deliver maximum ROI

      It's the single platform that retailers require to support omnichannel journeys and create a unified view of your eCommerce platform, shopper interactions, products, point of sale and inventory management systems. Simply put, it is one connected system that takes care of everything.

      An omnichannel commerce approach stops at multi-channel expansion and front-end alignment. Unified commerce goes further by integrating your ERP and all your other sales channels, marketing efforts, and customer relationship management software into one cohesive whole.

      It’s all about being in complete control of the customer journey. Making sure you provide the best product information, at the best price, on any device (mobile app, POS, laptop), ensuring the customer has a consistent experience from the e-commerce site to in-store.

      What happens next?

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      • Finally, a dedicated consultant from Planet will reach out to get you operational as soon as possible.

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