The essential steps to optimise your mobile checkout

Last updated on May 20, 2024

Shoppers love to browse and buy online – especially on mobile devices. 62% of global shoppers buy online using their mobile phone. By 2027, the global e-commerce market is expected to total over $7.9 trillion. With the growth of e-commerce, it’s not surprising that among consumers, 66% of Millennials and 60% of Gen Z use their mobiles to browse and buy. 

So why is your mobile checkout so important?

You may have spent time and resources developing a mobile app, designing the user journey and ensuring a smooth browsing experience for your customers. But what happens when they come to pay? 

If your checkout and payment processes aren’t slick – almost invisible – your customers won’t hang around. Only 9% of global shoppers feel confident in e-commerce security. So if a customer is taken to a third-party website, or if your security credentials aren’t clear to them, they’ll likely abandon their cart. 

Plus, customers want to pay on their own terms, and alternative payment methods are on the rise. So offering different payment methods – and making them clear and easy – will only add to the positive shopper experience. 

Here are our key steps to success with your mobile checkout:

Make sure your UX is seamless

One of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business is likely conversions. So optimising your mobile checkout for the customer experience is crucial. If a customer trips up on clumsy UX, or if your checkout doesn’t feel trustworthy, they’ll simply leave and won’t return. 

The key is to make your mobile checkout feel as natural to the customer as possible. For example, creating an experience as close to ApplePay on iOS devices, or GooglePay on Android phones will help give end customers a familiar checkout process.

Many brands know a seamless UX and a mobile-focused experience are valuable to their e-commerce activities. So why do many neglect the checkout experience? A native software development kit (SDK) tailored to your needs will ensure your customers have the best experience from ‘add to bag’ to completing their purchases. 

This includes features such as different payment methods, the option to pay as a guest and one-click payments. Over 40% of global shoppers say the ability to use alternative technology to pay online, is very important to them, so offering these options will set you apart from competitors. 

Ensure you’re compliant, with the flexibility to grow

Shoppers want to feel secure when they check out – and you want to know your e-commerce site adheres to the latest compliance. An SDK with automatic 3D Secure functionality helps you improve your conversion rate as shoppers feel reassured that their payment is safe. Planet’s Mobile SDK supports 3DS functionality out of the box, so there’s no extra work for developers to activate it.   

With the extra verification taken from customers, you lower your risk of fraudulent transactions. As a result, you have reduced costs, and fewer chargebacks for your business, which means a better rating with your bank. 

Legislation requirements are changed and updated frequently. Keeping up with regulations can be a headache – and uncertainty around whether you’re compliant causes stress. This is where a flexible, compliant SDK comes in. An SDK with a 3DS SDK built-in will automatically switch the customer to issuer apps and back, providing security and convenience for the customer. And you can offer more payment methods, while your SDK provider takes care of OS changes and technology updates.   

Choose Planet's Mobile SDK

To make the most of your mobile checkout, opt for a mobile SDK with pre-built tools making it easier for you to get set up and selling as fast as possible. With an easily integrated SDK such as Planet’s, there’s no need for lots of effort developing and coding to get started. Plus, Planet’s Mobile SDK supports a wide range of payment methods out of the box – from Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, to credit cards and over 20 APMs. All with a single integration. This means fewer integrations – and fewer headaches – for you. Simply integrate the SDK and start selling.

Integrate secure payment capabilities, such as 3DS, directly into your iOS and Android apps with our mobile SDKs. We handle the entire payment and registration flow, simplifying the integration of any payment method. No need to worry about the technical details. Outsource your payment processes to us – we'll take care of it all from within your native app. This includes redirecting users to 3D Secure authentication and enabling smooth app switching to third-party wallets like Klarna, PayPal, Twint, and PostFinance. 

This leaves you to focus on delivering a frictionless, branded payment experience for your customers. 

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