Leave no cart abandoned: Payment plugins for e-commerce

Last updated on April 8, 2024

Shoppers shouldn’t encounter friction at checkout. They care about the product they’re buying, the excitement and satisfaction of finding that perfect item they’ve been looking for. 

So after browsing, deliberating, and adding to cart, the hard part is over, right? But it’s not quite as straightforward as that. The checkout process should just be as seamless as the journey leading up to this final point.  

Picture this: your customer gets to checkout stage, but they realise their preferred payment method isn’t accepted. Best case scenario, they’ll continue the purchase with another payment method – but the experience will stay with them and they may decide to look elsewhere next time.  

Worst case, the hiccup will cause them to leave the site, feeling frustrated and let down. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, the average cart abandonment rate online is just over 70%.  

There are many reasons why your customer would leave in the middle of the checkout: lack of payment methods, being unable to commit to purchase, distractions, lack of transparent delivery, and more.  

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Prioritise payments: Ensure your checkout experience is quick, easy and seamless  

This is where Planet’s Online Gateway comes in. Not offering the right payment method is only half of the story. And while you need to ensure your checkout is optimised for the best user experience too, Planet’s Online Gateway allows you to accept payments with e-commerce platforms smoothly and quickly. 

Reliable uptime and easy payment processes remove the friction and guarantee a great experience for the customer – whether they’re scrolling on their smartphone or clicking on their laptop browser.  

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Pick how you pay 

When it comes to payments, different shoppers have different preferences. It depends on who you ask. At Planet, we spoke to over 7,500 consumers all over the world. While 81% of US shoppers want to shop online using their credit cards, 72% of Asian shoppers prefer to use Alipay online. From card payments to digital wallets, your e-commerce platform needs to be able to do it all.  

Plus, 11% of Gen Z consumers worldwide opt for Klarna. Making up 30% of the global population, this age group is one to watch. Older generations may hold more wealth, but Gen Z’s spending power is growing – and understanding how they spend is crucial in order to futureproof your business. 

As digital natives, they’re used to keeping pace with ever-evolving technology. They expect fast, seamless buying journeys, or they’ll look elsewhere. With quick checkout options and the option to save payment information, Planet’s Online Gateway offers a solution to satisfy these demanding, tech-savvy customers.  

Speed is key 

Get to market and get selling. Thanks to Planet’s low code integration, Payment Plugin, you can accept payments on your e-commerce shopping cart without complex development processes. Once you’re up and running, your customers will also benefit from speed and ease, with a seamless payment journey that will help build trust in your brand.   

An online gateway with international coverage allows you to accept payments in multiple countries and allow international shoppers to use their preferred payment methods. This helps give your customers the best checkout experience and improve your conversion rates.