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Reconciliation service

Reconciliation Service automatically reconciles your online payment transactions with acquirers’ credit advices and displays discrepancies transparently. Easy-to-use charge-back management tools are also included.

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Our approach


Fast access via Planet's (formally Datatrans') back office tool – no installation or integration required


Transparent overview of current payment status – from purchase order to payment


Accurate handling and processing of incorrect credits – Multiple reports available


Significant reduction in internal bookkeeping requirements – with prompt identification of missing amounts

Keep a close eye on your transactions

Every order placed online is followed by receipt of payment – but it doesn’t always work out like that. Big web merchants often discover missing payments or amount mismatches too late – if at all. Planet's (formally Datatrans') Reconciliation Service can take care of time-consuming recons for you.

Transactions Transations

Identify missing amounts quickly

All transactions, as well as many payment methods and acquirers, are reconciled with the acquirers’ credit advices automatically in the back office tool. Errors are identified quickly, handled transparently and processed accurately.

Reconciliations Reconciliations

Payment reconciliation made easy

Activate the service – for your chosen payment methods and acquirers. Take orders – as normal via a webshop, app, e-mail or telephone. Check payments – in just a few clicks using Planet's (formally Datatrans') back office tool.

Transactions easy Transactions easy

Payment methods and acquirers

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