Planet's OMS recognised by the Gartner market guide

Planet were recognized again as a Representative Vendor in the 2024 Gartner Market Guide for Distributed Order Management Systems.

Planet recognised as a representative vendor in the 2024 Gartner Market Guide for distributed order management systems

More information: Gartner Market Guide for Distributed Order Management Systems

The order management system has become a strategic software for retailers to enhance their business by leveraging all inventory capabilities and offering a better shopping experience.

To assist retailers in their selection, Gartner has compiled a list of industry leaders to guide them in choosing an Order Management System (OMS).

As Gartner notes in their guide, the key strategic elements for an OMS are as follows:

  • Enterprise inventory: "DOM utilises inventory throughout the supply chain network to deliver targeted service levels for order fill rate, and provides optimal, on-time, cost-effective order fulfilment."
  • Order orchestration: "Order orchestration is based on the configuration of business rules in a hierarchical manner, providing flexibility in optimisation by channels, consumers, geographies, and other criteria as required by the business."
  • Better shopping experience: "The software utilises inventory levels for both available-to-promise and available-to-ship and tracks order status throughout the supply chain."

Planet selected among world leaders

Our OMS is used by more than 50 retailers in Europe to support them in delivering their unified commerce strategy. This solution allows ordering any stock (from manufacturing, vendors, distribution centres, stores, and other nodes of the supply chain) from anywhere in the way shoppers want (click and collect, last mile, e-booking, home delivery, delivery at pickup points).

Key benefits include:

  • Increasing product availability across all channels.
  • Enhancing the conversion rate across all channels (more product availability, real-time promise, unlimited shopping journeys).
  • Optimising margins by selecting the best warehouse/store to fulfil each order.

Our OMS (Planet's Order Management System) is designed to support all personas within a retailer in the implementation of unified commerce:

  • Executive: Provides a high-performance platform capable of managing traffic peaks, while offering KPIs to track omnichannel performance.
  • Supply chain: Reduces cancellations during the fulfilment process thanks to multiple mechanisms, enabling adaptation of the orchestration strategy depending on the context.
  • Stores: Facilitates the fulfilment process by providing efficient tools and enabling endless aisle capability, complementing existing POS systems.
  • IT director: Eases the integration of our OMS into the existing IT system, relying on our performant datah