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The Planet Guide to Switching PMS

Discover the hassle-free way to upgrade your hotel's PMS technology and unlock your full potential for success in the hospitality industry with our comprehensive guide.

This ebook includes:

  • How investing in the right PMS can be a game changer. 
  • What to look for in your next PMS.
  • What to ask before switching PMS provider.
  • What makes a successful PMS? 
  • What makes us (a tiny bit) unique?
  • Connected commerce. And why it matters. 

Everything you need to know about changing PMS providers

A modern, efficient property management system (PMS) should be a silent partner, guiding you through the day-to-day challenges of running a successful and in demand property.

Whether you are using cloud-based software or an on-premise option, a PMS is the beating heart of your hotel operations. It connects you with your guests, manages them through their stay and keeps track of those oh so important revenues.

There was a time when the thought of switching PMS providers would give the hotel management team sleepless nights. But technology has moved on. Switching PMS should be quick and easy. However, choosing your next PMS, well, that takes careful consideration. And we’ve written this guide to help you.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights. If your guests don’t have them, why should you?

What you need to know


    There are a few reasons why you might want to consider changing your hotel PMS provider. For example, if your current provider's software is outdated or lacks the features and integrations you need, or if you're experiencing frequent downtime or other technical issues.

    When looking for a new PMS provider, there are a few key factors to consider. These include the provider's reputation and experience in the industry, the features and integrations offered by their software, their pricing and contract terms, and their level of customer support and training.

    The timeline for switching to a new PMS provider can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the complexity of your current system and the extent of data migration required. However, a typical timeframe for a complete switch can range from a few weeks to a few months.

    To ensure a smooth transition to a new PMS provider, it's important to plan ahead and communicate clearly with your staff and the new provider. This may involve training your staff on the new system, scheduling data migration and testing, and setting up new integrations and configurations.

    A new PMS provider can offer a range of benefits to help improve your hotel operations, such as increased efficiency, better guest experience, and more detailed reporting and analytics. Additionally, some providers offer integrations with other hotel management software, such as revenue management or CRM systems, to create a more seamless and streamlined workflow.

    Find out how easy it is to switch PMSs now!


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