Free Ebook • The Planet guide to changing payment providers

The Planet guide to changing payment providers

In theory, switching payment providers should now be quick and easy technically. However, not all payment systems are the same! You should carefully consider what you want from your new platform and, what you expect from your payments partner

This ebook includes:

  • How switching to the right payment system can be a game changer. 
  • What to ask before switching payment provider.
  • What makes a great payments platform?
  • What makes our payments platform (a tiny bit) unique?  
  • Connected commerce. And why it matters. 

features that make a payments platform great!

Complete business insight: Navigate the complexities of unified commerce with a single platform offering a 360° view of your operations.

Tailored rates and solutions: No more settling for generic pricing or systems. Benefit from rates and solutions customized to your unique needs, ensuring optimal value.

Always-on human support: Amidst technical jargon and acronyms, appreciate the availability of 24/7 support in your language by real individuals.

PSD’s, NFC’s, and API’s. Sometimes, nothing can replace the human touch. That’s why we offer  24/7 support in your local language with real people. 

What you need to know


    When it comes to handling payments, customers have never had it sweeter, with more options than ever on the market. And that’s important. With greater choice comes speed, safety, and convenience. Customers are empowered to spend how they want, where they want.  

    Every business is different, so it’s important that the fees you are likely to pay are appropriate for your business. Analyse them carefully. Payment providers often vary fees based on factors such as payment method, transaction size, volume, location, business type, and provider costs.

    Payment providers must comply with a variety of laws and regulations. It’s important that the provider takes care of this, so that you can focus on your business. Make it your business to ensure that they have this in hand. 

    Customers don’t talk about a great payment process, but they complain about bad ones. Look out for these signs to guarantee the best experience....  read more in the book.

    Good, customisable reporting and analytics are essential. Used well they’ll give your business a significant edge over your competitors... more details in the ebook.


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