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  • DCC. What it is. Why we offer it. How we play fair. 
  • How DCC works, at Point of Sale, at an ATM and online.
  • DCC for hospitality.
  • DCC for retailers. 
  • Benefits of DCC for cardholders and for merchants.
  • Connected commerce. Why it matters. 

Maximise profits and minimise costs with DCC

As a savvy business owner, you deserve to save money and earn fees effortlessly. With DCC, you can significantly reduce the expenses associated with processing foreign cards, while still receiving payments in your local currency.

When your customers opt for the convenient DCC option, the currency conversion is handled seamlessly by Planet, eliminating any involvement from the customer's bank.

Foreign transaction fees are conveniently charged at the point of sale and then distributed among you as the merchant, the acquirer, and Planet, ensuring a fair and beneficial arrangement for all parties.

What you need to know


    By implementing DCC, you can offer your international customers the convenience of paying in their own familiar currency, boosting customer satisfaction all while earning money on exchange rate margins. 

    Absolutely! With DCC, you can unlock new revenue streams by earning a share of the foreign exchange margin, giving your business a competitive edge and contributing to your financial success.

    Yes, integrating DCC is a seamless process. Our user-friendly solutions can be easily integrated into your current payment systems, ensuring a smooth transition and hassle-free operation.

    Rest assured, we understand the importance of accuracy and transparency. Our DCC solutions utilize reliable real-time exchange rates, providing your customers with confidence and trust in the rates displayed. In the unlikely event that a customer’s credit card issuer was offering a better FX rate, we will refund cardholders 150% of the difference.  

    Communication is key! We provide comprehensive training and support materials to educate your staff about DCC, enabling them to answer customer inquiries with confidence and provide a positive experience throughout the payment process.


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