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Expand your Hotel payments to your guest car park

Use your Parking Payment Solution as a revenue generator while bringing your guests higher convenience and choice.

Planet's Parking Integrators

Are you ready to check-in for an upgraded payment solution?

So, picture this: your bustling hotel car park generating stress-free revenue while your passengers revel in seamless parking.

By chosing Planet as your Park-and-Pay Solution you will:

  • Benefit from preferential rates for current Planet customers.
  • Harmonise your payments with a single merchant account.
  • Be able to offer pre-book parking with room reservation, enhancing e-commerce possibilities accross all platforms.

Let Planet’s all-in-one payment solution redefine convenience and boost your bottom line, making you the hero of hassle-free travel!

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One-stop payment solution for park, stay and play

Even if your hotel takes care of its spaces and services down to the smallest detail, a frustrating payment experience in the car park can ruin your guests' stay. Why not to expand your painless payments to your parking facilities? 

Soar into tranquility with Planet’s Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) secure solution that offers durability in any environment.

Our bespoke support packages mean reliable parking experiences with 99.95% uptime and 50+ payment methods available.

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Drive your guests through a first-class payment experience

Connect your parking payments

Don’t park that thought and give your hotel the upgrade it deserves. 

With Planet’s all-in-one solution, watch as your hotel parking becomes a hub of efficiency and traveler satisfaction, setting a new standard for payments. 

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