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CASE STUDIES • Cole Buxton

Discover how a luxury sportswear brand increased international business with Planet

Cole Buxton, a British luxury sportswear brand, prides itself on providing high-quality daily essentials to its customers. However, the brand faced a challenge in providing a seamless payment experience to its customers, affecting their overall shopping experience. With the launch of their flagship store in London's Soho in 2020, the brand needed a best-in-class payment solution that would not only be secure but also offer flexibility and convenience to their customers. Our team at Planet worked closely with Cole Buxton to provide a technical solution that exceeded their expectations.


Cole Buxton, a luxury sportswear brand, was facing a technical challenge with their payment system. As they launched their flagship store in London's Soho in 2020, they were looking for a best-in-class payment solution to support their newly deployed Cegid mPOS solution.


Planet, a leading payment solutions provider, stepped in to provide a technical solution for Cole Buxton's payment system. They collaborated with MWC Partners, a specialist payments integration company, to develop and implement a payment connector. This Integrated Payment Solution enabled Cole Buxton to expand their business internationally by providing a wide acceptance of multiple payment methods including Alipay and WeChat. With this, customers could pay in their own currency, providing flexibility and convenience.

Cole Buxton

Cole Buxton


As a result of using Planet's solution, Cole Buxton witnessed a significant improvement in their in-store and e-commerce payment process. Shoppers now enjoy a fast and safer payment process, which has led to a better overall shopping experience. The flexibility in payment methods and the ability to pay in their own currency has also led to increased international sales, helping Cole Buxton grow and expand their business. Overall, Planet's value-added services have enabled Cole Buxton to provide a seamless payment experience to their customers and expand their business internationally.

Increased efficiency

in payment processing, resulting in reduced check-out times and improved guest satisfaction

International customers

Expanded to include multiple currencies catering to the needs of international clientele.

Streamlines payments

lead to cost savings and improved profitability for the brand.

Cole Buxton circle

“A really seamless, e-commerce and retail experience.”

Amar Dehal

Head of Operartions, Cole Buxton

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