PCI Proxy

Work with payment data, while we secure it

Simplify your PCI compliance, become provider independent and maximise your security. Planet’s PCI Proxy empowers organisations around the globe to build and control payment flows quickly.

How does it work?

Seamlessly integrated for the ultimate customer experience, our universal token vault allows businesses of every size to collect, store and use payment data securely, and with full flexibility.

  • Simplify PCI compliance
  • Enhance payment flow flexibility and avoid provider lock-ins
  • Reduce the risk of data breach 
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PCI Proxy platform overview


    Customisable, self-serve integration for PCI compliance.

    Collect from any source
    Tokenise payment data before it reaches your infrastructure and reduce the cost of PCI compliance.
    Store securely
    Tokenise and store payment data in a non-sensitive format to reduce PCI compliance cost and burden.
    Use with full flexibility
    Distribute stored tokens across all integrations to prevent vendor lock-ins.


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    Benefit from enhanced security, improved experience and increased payment approval rates.

    Lower transaction fees
    Reduce transaction fees and increase payment profitability with PCI Proxy's network token solution.
    Improved approval rates
    Increase approval rates of card payments by up to 2.1% with PCI Proxy's secure network token solution.
    Automated card details
    Automatically update card details to deliver a seamless customer experience with PCI Proxy's network token solution.


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    Reduce fraud and verify shoppers with 3-D Secure 2.0.

    Reduce fraud
    3DS2 is a multi-factor authentication mechanism that retailers can use to reduce the chance of fraudulent online transactions.
    Verify shoppers
    Use biometrics or one-time passwords to authenticate shoppers' identities and reduce the risk of fraud.
    EEA & UK compliance
    3DS2 is mandatory within the EEA and UK and is also referred to as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).


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    What are the benefits of PCI Proxy?

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    Reduce scope

    PCI Proxy is the easiest and fastest way to achieve PCI DSS compliance, as your system never touches sensitive payment card data. Without access to sensitive credit card data, only a subset of PCI DSS requirements will apply to your organisation, reducing your scope to the absolute minimum.

    Save money

    Becoming PCI compliance is a process that can be highly complex, taking companies months or even years to achieve. Use PCI Proxy to control and reduce compliance and operational costs while simultaneously eliminating unexpected overhead costs or budget hits.

    Maximum flexibility

    Integration with any store and eCommerce platform. We offer a bespoke solution – choose our complete offering or take a modular approach with only the services you need.

    Stay focused

    Keep existing integrations and rely on a security layer that keeps you safe and your customer data secure. With PCI Proxy, you spend less time on compliance and more time running your business. Free up your efforts and focus on your product instead of PCI DSS.

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    Are you embracing the connected commerce revolution?

    There is no one answer to a complex challenge.


    We can’t give you a pricing table - because we believe each business is unique - you might need an end-to-end solution, or you might just need a plug and play piece of hardware. To get you the most competitive and effective solution, at the best value for money, it’s best to get in touch with our team - and a dedicated local consultant will work with you to find a solution that works for your business. 

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